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Course Offerings

AME-CTE - Instrumental Music 112B Pathway Courses


A UC/CSU A-G F course

The Foundations of Music is designed for the beginning music student to teach the concepts and fundamentals of music. It includes a basic overview of music principles including note identification, key and time signatures, scales, basic chord progressions, notation and composition. This course will develop student’s musical literacy and creativity though written, analytical and composition assignments designed to prepare them for further musical study. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to read simple music, and have an understanding of basic music theory.


A UC/CSU A-G F course

Prerequisite: HSMF or Instructor Approval


The Wind Ensemble at The SAE aims to expand our students’ musicianship and musical maturity through the study, rehearsal, and performance of Classical literature. Students of the Wind Ensemble will focus on the music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern.

In addition to studying the origins of Western Art Music, students will learn advanced instrumental techniques and more comprehensive musical theory. The successful Wind Ensemble student will be comfortable performing Classical solos, and pieces in chamber (small) ensembles. Although not a dedicated performing ensemble, performance opportunities will be available for the Wind Ensemble and as such rehearsal and performance attendance is a requirement.


A UC/CSU A-G F course

Prerequisite: HSMW or Instructor Approval


The focus of the Jazz Lab band is to develop foundational instrumental proficiency and musical vocabulary and to prepare students to audition for and participate in The Concert Jazz Ensemble and The Downbeat Dance Band.

Concert Jazz Ensemble (HSMJE)

A UC/CSU A-G F course

Prerequisite: HSMJL or Instructor Approval


The focus of the Concert Jazz Ensemble is to apply core musicianship, rehearsal technique, and ensemble performance in a more contemporary and commercial setting.  Jazz as at an art form is highly improvisational, and is the foundation of all commercial music from film, television, and professional art music outside of the Symphonic Orchestra and Rock idiom. 


A UC/CSU A-G F course

Prerequisite: HSMJL or Instructor Approval

Commercial Music is technical name for the course that gives life to the Downbeat Dance Band.  

The Downbeat Dance Band is a joint venture with Vocal Music, and the Musical Theatre Department and is designed to provide students with an authentic professional, commercial experience. In addition to rehearsals and live performances,The Downbeat is Dance Band will provide backing music for the spring Dynamics! concert as well as possible community engagement events.

Rock and Pop Ensemble  (HSMRP)

A UC/CSU A-G F course

Prerequisite: HSMF or Instructor Approval

The Pop/Rock Ensemble is one of two premiere instrumental performing ensembles here at The SAE. In addition to rehearsals and live performances, students will study the history of Popular Music and how it has shaped the contemporary music scene. Students will also explore what skills make a marketable and competitive musician in today’s modern performing and recording industry. The Pop/Rock Ensemble is a unique course, which encourages the young musician to learn, write, and perform the music that is most relevant in their lives. The successful Pop/Rock student will achieve proficiency on guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, and/or vocals, in addition to learning self-marketing and publishing skills necessary for the modern scene.


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DIGITAL ARTS 2 (HSDA2) - Intermediate Digital Arts

Prerequisite: HSDA1 or Instructor Approval


Digital Arts 2 is a project-based course, focusing on Intermediate to Advanced computer graphics and design concepts. including, but not limited to, digital illustration, graphic design, photography, animation, typography, and product design. 

Additionally, this class emphasizes the importance of strong foundational skills, the creative process, visual communication, artistic expression, and how artists should conduct themselves in a professional studio environment.  

DIGITAL ARTS 3 (HSDA3) - Advanced Digital Arts 

Prerequisite: HSDA2 or Instructor Approval

Digital Arts 3 is an Advanced Computer Graphics and Design project-based course with an emphasis on the development of professional quality portfolio work.

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